Our mission and values

Torchlight’s people are driven by a single mission: to bring enduring security and stability where it is needed most, securing the peace, reinforcing resilience and enhancing the everyday lives of citizens in some of the world’s most volatile places.

Our reputation as a leading global security and development partner to corporations, governments and donors is built on our legacy of delivering impactful and lasting change.

At Torchlight, our values are much more than a statement of intent, we carry them with us in everything that we do.

We are honest

With our clients, with our partners and with one another, our desire to effect positive change is strengthened by integrity and honesty – in everything we say and everything we do.

Extraordinary is our ordinary

We set the bar high and keep it there. Every project is a chance to demonstrate our expertise at its best. With determination and pride, we strive to exceed expectations in everything we do.

We know it can be done

Individually and collectively, we face client challenges that stretch us. When we’re under pressure, our team’s expertise and our belief in what we do unites us to succeed.

We respect - always

We seek to understand, not judge. We treat every situation and everyone we encounter with the utmost respect, whilst promoting equality and equal opportunities for all.