We have an unrivalled understanding of complex human networks and the integration of specialist intelligence, cyber, defence, security and justice capabilities.

Working in partnership with our clients to resolve their issues through the design and delivery of context-specific solutions.

We bring a unique blend of proven capability, detailed understanding and specialist knowledge.

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Security, Justice, & Governance

We have a proven track record of delivering sustainable institutional improvement in complex environments.

We provide long term solutions to governments and international organisations.

Our approach supports good governance, transparency and rule of law.

Private & Corporate

We provide specialist counter threat insight to support client decision making.

We support clients to create and develop niche independent capabilities of their own.

We guarantee discretion, assured quality, and impact.

Defence & National Security

We are a chosen partner of the UK Government, with a proven track record of successful delivery at scale and reach.

We blend experience and expertise from across our national security, justice and defence backgrounds to develop sustainable and integrated results.

We build niche counter threat capacity, manage complex programmes and transform organisations.