International Aid and Development

Policing, Justice and the Rule of Law

In fragile and conflict-affected states, citizens’ ability to live their lives free from the threat of extortion, exploitation and violent criminality is critical to stability, economic recovery and social development. Torchlight’s policing specialists take a highly localised approach, working to help the police in conflicted areas build community-driven safety in partnership with respected local authorities (whether local government, tribal, religious or traditional), underpinned by international standards of performance, accountability and human rights.

We work with existing prosecutions, courts and corrections authorities to enhance effectiveness, efficiency and accountability throughout the justice chain, building the confidence of everyday people that the criminals who threaten their communities and their lives will be dealt with quickly, fairly, transparently, and in accordance with the law.

Crisis Management and Stabilisation

As countries recover from war, natural disaster and political transition, Torchlight supports governments and communities to put in place long-term governance systems which reinforce confidence between citizens and the state, laying the foundations for long-term recovery and development.

Our team of stabilisation experts analyse both the root causes and symptoms of conflict to develop programming which fosters political participation, supports mediation between conflict actors, and ensures that vulnerable communities benefit from the dividends of peace.

Serious and Organised Crime

In the conflicted and unstable environments where Torchlight works, narcotics trafficking, people smuggling, modern slavery and large-scale fraud threaten national integrity, undermine the rule of law and contribute to the international criminal threat on a global scale. Torchlight’s team of experienced investigations professionals assist national authorities to strengthen their ability to understand, investigate, interdict and prosecute serious and organised criminality.

From building border security and management systems, through developing specialised police intelligence units to training counter narcotics forces, Torchlight develops high quality, robust capabilities which are tailored to understand and respond to the precise nature of the local challenge, and fully sustainable within national budgets.

Cyber Resilience

Even in countries with strong ‘traditional’ security forces, vulnerability to cyber threats present a key risk to national, regional and international security. Torchlight is a leading provider of cyber security and digital intelligence capability to underpin long-term national resilience.

Our team includes some of the world’s leading experts in cyber resilience, cyber operations, OSINT and digital intelligence. We work in partnership with national authorities to build robust cyber defence systems, ensuring that they are equipped with the ability to continually adapt to keep pace with the rapidly-evolving online threat environment.

Security and Defence Sector Reform

Torchlight works hand-in-hand with national governments to build high quality and enduring security capability in countries afflicted by conflict. Our world-class experts in national security decision-making, intelligence fusion, counter terrorism, border management and forensics science analyse the root causes of the threats our partners face. We design programmes of support which combine training, organisational development, systems design, infrastructure and equipment management, delivering impactful, locally-relevant and sustainable solutions.

All our projects are driven by the goal of generating a positive, lasting uplift in our partners’ ability to understand and counter threats to the security of their states, their regions and the people who live there.